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The privacy of implies when the user visits the website or give any personal information. We are committed to shielding the information that you have provided or is collected through your usage of the website.

This privacy refers to the terms of services of our website.

these privacy policies protect the information of the user according to privacy policy constitutes your agreement to use our services.

DEFINITION: is being operated by

SERVICES mean all the services provided by the under

INFORMATION means all the personal data and information that is provided by the user, either by using cookies or otherwise.

DATA USAGE refers to the data of the usage of the website or a specific page of the website that is generated automatically or by the usage of the website according to the terms of services of the website.

COOKIES are the small packets f information collected during the session of the user on the website that is stored by the website when a user accepts the cookies.

DATA CONTROLLER is the person who is naturally or legally controlling (either solely or jointly) the information and data of the user.

DATA PROCESSOR refers to the service provider or the legal or natural person who processes the data. The website may have many data processors or service providers to process the data of the user.

DATA SUBJECT is the person or user who is the subject of the data or to whom this personal data belongs to.

USER is the person who is using the website or the service of the service provider. The user is the same as the data subject.


The website collects and uses several types of data and information through different means of data collection on the website.

Following are different types of data:


The time when the user is using the services, the user answers different questions by giving the required information. This information may include but is not limited to the followings:

  • Complete Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Address, City, Province, Postal/ZIP Code, State, Nationality
  • Cookies and Usage Data.

Usage of Data:
The information of the user is collected through different means that are used or the activities that are performed by the user. This data is collected every time the user uses the service or visits the site i.e. USAGE DATA.
This data may include the information including HTTPS, internet protocols IP of the device, the unique ID of the device, date and time of the usage of services, activities on the site, time spent on every page, and other data diagnostics.
Cookies Data:
The website uses cookies and other tracking technology to tracking the activities to provide similar information in suggestions that the user is searching and using. cookies are the small packets of information that may save data like tags, search scripts, and tracking information. In case you do not accept the cookies, you will not be able to use all the services of the website.
SESSION cookies are used to operate our services.
PREFERENCE COOKIES are used to provide suggestions to the user about the contents related to the current page or service.
SECURITY COOKIES are used to secure the information.
ADVERTISING COOKIES are used to provide you the information that you need and search for.

during your session of using the service, your personal data may also be collected. this data includes your age, sex, date of birth, place of birth, passport details and phone number, etc.
all the data about you which is asked from you while making a profile on the website is collected through the portal of the profile is also included in the collection.

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