Today 15000 Prize Bond Draw Result 2021

The prize bond of 15000 rupees result is going to appear in the format of prize bond list 2021. In this way, the Today 15000 Prize Bond Draw Result 2021 01 April is coming soon for the prize bond seekers. So, the amount of the first prize against 15000 is 30M for the lucky person. In fact, the second prize for the 15000 prize bond is 10M which is equal to one crore of Pakistani rupees. This award is delivering to the three lucky winner persons. Lastly, the third prize bond is 158K rupees which are equal to one lack 85 thousand rupees. However, the list of the prize bond from January to December 2021 is going to deliver here.

However, today prize bond draw number 86 results for 01 April 2021 are holding in Hyderabad that you can check online. In this way, the details for Draw No 86 as well as the winner are showing online. So, you can check the results for the prize bond of 15000 with the help of online services. All details are coming soon for this prize bond with respect to the list of 2021 prize bonds. However, the Lahore Prize bond 2021 list is also going to available online for the candidates. So, the first second, and third prize bond winner list is also going to show online.

Today 15000 Prize Bond Draw Result 2021

Today 15000 Prize Bond Draw Result

Usually, the prize bond for the third prize winner is covering the numbers of 1696 prizes with respect to the 15000 prize bond. In this way, the number of amount for this third prize winner is 185000 for each member of this list. So, the lists for each prize winner are available as per the numbering of the member of this 15000 prize bond list.

1st Prize Winner List and result

The result for this winning list is coming soon…

2nd Prize Winner List and result

The result according to this winning list is coming soon…

3rd Prize Winner result and list

The result list for the winning members is coming soon…

Lastly, to get the payment for these prizes is available in the national banks. In this way, you cannot receive the first prize amount from the local branch of the National banks. The local branches only can provide small prize bond amounts like 200 500 and like this kind of prize bonds. However, to check the draw result of the 15000 prize bond stays connected with us.

Updated: April 1, 2021 — 11:22 am

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